Reasons you Should Paddle to Work

Cycling to work has grown in a sustained way ever since the onset of the pandemic only to bloom into a beautiful way of commuting and living life in urban spaces   

Cycle commuters have boomed and rightly so! The abundance of benefits that cycling brings are exceptional especially when one considers the psychological asphyxiation and paranoia the changing work culture has brought upon the millennials and Gen Z. If you are yet to be convinced of the upsides of padding bidding adieu to a rather passive and cooped up way of reaching somewhere, here are your reasons.

Biking Allows the Serenity to Pause and Ponder

As a rather sedate way of travelling, cycling has ample scope to let the wanderer in you bloom after an exhausting day at work. Instead of commuting through the same route, you might just one day take a detour for pleasure or running errands.

The simple pleasure of stopping by somewhere, giving in to a little sojourn and then heading back lends cycling an edge. Within days, you could tend to the lost explorer in you.

The Journey Keeps you Physically Fit and Sturdy

Cycling enhances cardiovascular wellbeing, joint mobility, muscle tenacity and bone health. In fact, cycling has been linked to a strong upper respiratory system reducing the risks of common cold. For people struggling to shape up after the prolonged quarantine, cycling is just the perfect way to shed some extra kilos.

As the day approaches its twilight, surrender yourself to a sound sleep since cycling not merely boosts physical fitness but also reduces anxiety and depression which further elevates the quality of sleep you get at night.

The Way of Commuting Saves a Lot

Commuting is way cheaper than any public transportation system you can think of. Wear and maintenance of a modest cycle are low which further cuts down on some of your expenses—a boon if you are staying in a big city.

Cycling Lowers Risks of Diabetes and Cancer

Cycling is associated with lower CVD mortality risks. Any risks of developing serious ailments including cancer are reduced to half. Once you accommodate cycling in your routine, you substantially lower the chances of adverse health impacts and the drudgery of medications.

Needless to say, cycling is an escape from winding traffic jams—more so if you are thoroughly irked by sitting on congested roads teeming with vehicles, since the plausibility of taking shortcuts and detours is higher with a cycle. The strategy saves a lot of your time that you otherwise invest in merely travelling to and fro.