Reasons Why You Should Never Sleep With Your Socks On

Your parents might have told you not to sleep with your socks on, but we care less about anything that does not have a logic behind it.

¬†Sleeping with socks on may seem cosy, but there are some side effects that you must keep in mind. If you have a habit of sleeping with your socks on to keep you comfortable and warm during the night, it’s about time to cut this habit out of your life. You must wonder why we suggest you get rid of the blissful cosiness of wearing warm socks to bed. Here are some logical reasons why sleeping with socks should be forbidden.

Socks can reduce blood circulation at night.

The idea of sleeping with your socks on is often associated with enhanced circulation; however, it might have the opposite impact in some cases. Wearing tight socks to bed can decrease blood flow in your body. If your feet tend to be cold all the time, try opting for bed socks or pick a size that you normally wear all day long.

Increases risks of skin infection

Wearing socks made of non-skin-friendly material like nylon can cause skin infection. It is best to buy and wear cotton socks. Nylon socks do not suit the skin, and they can maximize the risk of infection if worn for very long durations. Hence, you must pick friendly and sensitive socks to your skin. In addition, try to change your socks regularly.

Socks can shoot up your body temperature.

Wearing socks made of the right material is essential as not doing so can shoot up your body temperature. Wearing socks that are made of unbreathable fabric may lead to overheating. Wearing socks to bed may result in rising body temperatures.

Sleep disruptions

Wearing tight socks to bed at night can hinder your sleep, making you feel uncomfortable. Thus, doctors suggest not to wear socks to bed. If you have sensitive skin, you may ask your doctor if you should wear socks to bed or not.

Poor hygiene

The risk of poor hygiene maximizes when you decide to sleep with your socks on. Suppose you do not wash your socks regularly and are too tight or made of unbreathable fabric. In that case, it will get nearly impossible for your feet to breathe properly, increasing the chances of feet infection and odours.

Thus, remember to buy socks that are made of bamboo or cotton and ensure you wear a fresh pair every day.

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