Reasons Why People Resist Change

Change is the only constant but it is difficult to come to terms with it and more often than not ot can be scary. Change scares people. That is because it pulls us out of our comfort zone and places us into a different setting, one that we are not familiar with. It is hard to get rid of your attachment with old practices, habits, people and places. Naturally, people find it hard to give up on the known comfort and accept change. Here are some of the reasons why people find it so hard to roll on with changes.

There’s always the fear of the unknown and the uncertainty when it comes to change. People are accustomed to particular way of life and how things work. When something changes in their regular order of events or surroundings, it brings out the insecurity in people. It has a massive impact on the mind and might even give rise to anxiety. Not knowing what might happen or the consequences that a change might bring make people resist change.
Mass Resistance
Peer pressure is a real thing. Sometimes people find it hard to accept change if their social group resists it. By nature people follow certain codes and when a change occurs that might also alter the activities and the attitudes of the people they are socially involved with. As a result, the resistance to change imbibes into their psychological system not because it affects them individually but because it affects them as a community.
Emotional Turmoil
In case a change is not very positive in nature, people resist it because of the emotional storm that it cooks up. The experience might bring up bottled up emotions giving rise to unwanted complications. This happens when people face changes because of conflict. It can even give rise to a lack of trust which induces a bitter feeling making people want to resist that change.
Extent Or Rapidity of Change
If things around people change too fast too soon, it does not give them the time to process it. They find it hard to process their feelings about the change. Moreover, the degree of the change also plays a role in determining how well someone can accept it. If the change affects the person in a massive way, it’s natural that the person will find it hard to come to terms with it.