Reasons why morning is the most ideal time for exercise

While you can do exercise at any time of the day, morning is considered as the most ideal and perfect time for it.

Exercise is extremely important for both your physical and mental health. It improves your body shape, promotes the organic functions in the body and boosts your mood. But in our busy hectic schedule, it’s very hard to spend much time for exercises. So you need to choose the most perfect time for doing it as this would benefit your health the most.

  1. Your stomach is empty in the morning. And according to the experts, working out on an empty stomach improves oxygen circulation in your body, enhances your metabolic rate and helps you burn more calories. A study has found that exercising in the early morning results in losing more weight than exercising in afternoon or evening.
  2. Exercising at any time of the day improves your energy level. But morning exercise promotes the oxygen and nutrients level in your body, which result in boosting your stamina more. It improves your cardiovascular system and makes you feel more energetic throughout the whole day.
  3. The atmosphere in the morning is more calm and noise free. Also, you don’t have to receive office calls or answer e-mails at this time of the day. So, less distraction mean you can focus more on your exercises. Also, exercising in early morning improves your concentration level and learning power.
  4. According to some researches, morning exercises promote the hormonal fluctuations in your body. It controls Cortisol level, which results in reducing your stress and increasing alertness. It also controls your appetite level more.
  5. It is scientifically proven that exercising in the morning controls your blood sugar and reduces the risk of hypoglycemia more than exercising in the afternoon or evening.
  6. While exercising at any time of the day controls your blood pressure level and reduces the risk of hypertension, a study in 2014 proved that exercising in early morning benefits you much more in this matter.
  7. In comparison with exercising in the evening, morning exercises improve the insulin resistance in your blood, which results in reducing the risks of diabetes.
  8. Doing exercises in the afternoon or evening boosts endorphins level in your body, which results in disrupting your sleep at night. Morning exercises promote your sleeping habits and you experience a deeper, more relaxed sleep at night.
  9. Waking up and doing exercises in early morning help you to start your day with more positive vibes and it makes you more disciplined, confident and accomplished in your daily life.

Exercising in morning gifts you a whole new lifestyle. So, create a habit of morning exercises and see the growth in your personal as well as professional life.

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