Reasons that can cause puffy eyes and how to depuff them

No matter how committed you are to beauty regime and self-care, we all have to encounter puffy eyes every now and then. What causes them? And more importantly, how can we depuff them? Read on to know more. What causes puffy eyes? The skin around your eyes is very delicate and thinner in comparison to the rest of the face. So, when fluid amasses in the delicate skin and tissues around your eyes that can make your eyes looks swelled up and puffy. If you look closely, you would realize that your eyes look puffier and swelled up in the mornings, that is because of fluid retention. But you can experience puffy eyes due to many other reasons. Swollen and puffy eyes look even more prominent if you have some discolouration around the undereye. Here are some of the reasons that cause puffy eyes. You are cutting out on your sleep at night You must have heard it hundreds of times but it still is worth repeating, your beauty sleep is important. And if you are stressed then a sleepless night could end up making your eyes look puffier in the morning. It is believed that when you are stressed then your body releases cortisol that can change the balance of salt in your body. Since the salt balance is no longer there then you can suffer from water retention and swell too. Allergy season can also cause puffiness One of the most common symptoms that come with allergy season is puffy eyes. Science says that our body goes on an attack mode and releases the histamine in our body.Histamine causes certain side effects such as puffiness. Other causes include crying too much, having sedated lifestyle, or side effects of a much bigger health concern such as thyroid. So, now the question arises how can we depuff our eyes? Let us find out. Using cooling gel pads You can relieve some of the puffiness with the help of washing your eyes with cold water or applying an ice cube compress. If you want to experiment a bit you could also go for new cooling gel pads that work very well with reducing puffiness. Minimize your sodium intake If you are experiencing puffiness due to allergies or water retention then it is advisable to cut down your sodium intake. The best way to do that go for low salt food for a week which can help you with puffiness. But if the symptoms persist, it is wise to take the advice of an expert.