Practical Uses of Shampoo in Daily Life

The glorious benefits of shampoo for a clean household! Bought the wrong bottle of shampoo? Figure out noble and convenient usages with the leftover product instead of completely discarding it. Remove Spills: Overturned a hot cuppa on the favourite tapestry or carpet? Shampoo is a saviour when it comes to scrubbing off the stains from clothes. Dab a portion of shampoo with few drops of water with a fresh towel. Rub against the damaged area till the stain fades away and completely disappears for good! Dish Cleaning: Shampoo is a wonderful substitute for washing liquid and could probably make the dishes all hunky-dory without the usual rigorous scrubbing. Besides, shampoo goes pretty mild on your hands too! Silence the Hinges: Got a squeaky hinge that startles you and now and then? Sprinkle some shampoo for a quick rescue. Unclog Paintbrushes:  Had a heavy painting session at home? The best way to relieve the paintbrush of nagging and greasy paint sticking to its bristles is by massaging shampoo on it. Rub some shampoo against the bristles before them rinsing well with water. Et voila, the brush is good to go for another art rendezvous. Clean Combs: Nothing bugs you more than a dirty hairbrush darkened to its core. The dirty clumps can be easily done away with by soaking the brushes into shampoo and warm water. Soak in a bowl of lukewarm water for a couple of minutes and round up the cleaning ritual with a toothbrush for the extra finesse. Defog mirrors: You hardly need a separate bottle of cleaning material to make the mirror spotless and new again. Spray speckles of shampoo on the mirror and rub with a paper towel. Finally, scrub with a wet cloth or sponge for crystal clear reflection. Undo Laundry Stains: Squirt shampoo on the stains and let it soak for a while. Dab and rinse with water or give a proper wash to do away even with the last remnants of the stain. Wash the Delicate: For cleaning the expensive silk short or baggy jeans, blindly choose mild shampoo instead of specific washing detergents. Determine the amount of shampoo by checking the sudsy level of the water. However, using shampoo on clothes is only recommended for hand-washing since things get messy in a washing machine spiking up electricity consumption. Bathe the House Plants: An easy alternative to fretting over dusty plant leaves is carefully washing the baby leaves with shampoo and water.