Positive Parenting Techniques To Discipline Your Child

At first, positive parenting might seem like letting your kid get away with bad behavior but it’s not. Positive parenting does not mean that you have to respond with an “I love you” every time your child does a bad deed. It is not overlooking your kid’s inappropriate either. Instead, positive parenting is a parenting strategy and philosophy that focuses on building the idea that a relationship between a child and the parents does not have to go into the shambles while disciplining your child. In fact, positive parenting focuses on raising a kid who abides by rules and regulations as well as respects others not out of fear, but because that is the right thing to do.

Be Firm And Loving

Much of positive parenting depends on the tone you are applying with your child. You have to be both firm and loving at the same time. Figure out the rules that you would want your kid to follow and clearly communicate them to your kid. Moreover, be consistent when it comes to enforcing the rules you have decided on. However, maintain a calm and composed attitude as well as talk to them in a loving manner while you remind your child why it’s not okay to break rules.

Apply Positive Reinforcement

Studies have shown that positive reinforcement has longer lasting effect on children than negative reinforcement. That means show them some extra love and attention when they do something good. It is important to call them out on their bad behavior. However, when they demonstrate good behavior, make sure that you let them know that you have noticed. That does not mean that you will reward them with expensive gifts or catering to their unnecessary demands. Rather a pat on the back or a smile will do the job.

Be A Role Model

Kids usually copy the actions that we demonstrate before them. If you want your kid to respect others, make sure you do the same with and before them. If you would like them to say “please”, start by saying “please” to them first. If you want them to learn to have patience and wait before you are available instead of interrupting what you are doing, do the same with them. Make sure you wait around for them until they reach a point of break while playing before you ask them to do something for you.