Planning wedding in the pandemic? All you need to know to make the best out of a small wedding

The covid pandemic seems to be unending but life has to go on and so would celebrations. So, how can we plan a wedding in the middle of the pandemic? Read on to know more

Planning a wedding in the middle of the pandemic?

The covid pandemic was the most unexpected calamity that our times faced and endured. Nobody thought that our world would halt like that and we can’t roam, meet friends, have parties without a care in the world. But we cannot stop life, celebrations forever. Especially, weddings. Some people postponed their weddings but you can’t postpone them indefinitely. So, with limited resources and fewer guests, the meaning of the big fat Indian weddings has surely changed. But nothing can lessen our enthusiasm, not even covid. So, here are some ways you could make your small wedding amidst the pandemic very special.

Send in creative virtual invites and make your families and friends part of your big day by live-streaming your wedding

A wedding is one of the happiest days of one’s life and you want all your near and dear ones to be a part of it. But pandemic has changed it all, neither you could freely go to distribute invites freely or call of them to your wedding due to restrictions. So, you can create innovative messages, e-invites, and videos as digital invitations. And since a lot of them can’t attend the wedding, you can live-stream the whole thing and let them be part of your big day.

Try to cut down the number of pre and post-wedding functions

Let us be practical and think that about how difficult it would be to manage so many pre and post-wedding functions in such trying times. Try to cut short these ceremonies as it is risky to have people for a prolonged time. Try to plan ceremonies with a handful of people smartly, for example, for your sangeet have mini dance floors and creatively make it interesting. You can even arrange for an open mic event where guests share memorable anecdotes about themselves or the couple.

If you can, then plan your wedding ceremony in open or outdoor spaces

Instead of holding the wedding ceremony indoors, organize them in the great outdoors (as experts advise in these times). You can follow the proper covid protocol and follow social distancing more conveniently in the open.

Lastly, enjoy the biggest day of your life with a bit of vigilance and safety.

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