On This Day - Ruskin Bond's Birthday: Here's A Look at His Connection with Mussoorie

Bond has now become synonymous with the city of Mussoorie.

Known as The Indian William Wordsworth, Ruskin Bond is an emotion for almost all bibliophiles in India. The writer has penned more than 500 short stories, essays, and novels - which, over the years, have shaped the lives of thousands of people across the country, and even abroad.

His writings are full of wit, lucidity, and humor. His notable works include 'The Blue Umbrella', 'The Cherry Tree', 'The Thief', etc.

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Bond celebrates his 89th birthday today. To mark the occasion, let's discuss his connection with the city of Mussoorie in this article.

Ruskin Bond's Connection with Mussoorie

Ruskin Bond, at a very young age, realized that he did not want to live in big cities. So, in 1963, he settled in Landour (Mussoorie) to fulfill his dream of living in the hills.

Speaking about why he chose Mussoorie, the "writer on the hill" said in an interview, "I knew the area, having grown up in (nearby) Dehradun and it was close to Delhi, where my publishers were. It was very cheap for a struggling writer in those days to live in the hills."

In another interview, he said, "It is really amazing. I was thirty when I came to landour, following my dream of being a resident of this Himalayan town."

"I made Mussoorie my home more than half a century ago and for me the prospect of having to leave the hills for more than a couple of days brings discomfort. The mountains are in my blood. The birds and trees, the flowers and even the little insects in the wilderness near my home in landour Cantonment are close to my heart. It is among them that I like to spend most of the time which I get when I am not doing what I love doing best-writing,” he added.

Bond further said, "Living in the hills is like living in the bosom of a strong, sometimes proud, but always comforting mother. Every time I go away from here the homecoming is warmer and sweeter. There’s nature all around me. My shrubbery is my favourite place. Watching nature change its colours with the changing seasons enchants me. The sparrows are here all the year round. And so are the thrushes."