On This Day - Ravi Shastri's Birthday: Here's How He Became a Social Media Star

Shastri has often been the subject of social media memes.

Ravi Shastri is an enigmatic figure in Indian cricket. He is a cricket commentator, the former captain of the Indian Cricket Team, and also the former head coach of the Indian national cricket team. And regardless of all the criticism, we must admit that Shastri has achieved some exceptional feats that will always remain untouched.

However, Ravi Shastri is more popular on social media. And it wouldn't be wrong in saying that he is quite a superstar there, especially on Twitter. He has often been the subject of various memes, and on the other hand, his tweets make headlines now and then.

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Today, on Shastri's 61st birthday, let's have a look at how he became a social media star.

How Ravi Shastri Became a Social Media Star

Shastri has always been popular on social media. But to be precise, it mostly started in the late 2010s when he was already in the Indian cricket team as the head coach. His tweets on several controversial topics have made headlines time and again. Also, he is a favorite subject of almost all meme creators on social media.

He takes all those memes quite sportingly and finds some of them enjoyable. He once said in an interview, "I quite enjoyed some of them (memes). That's talent also. When they suddenly make me have a paunch, then it disappears the next day.

There are bottles everywhere, it is a laugh at my expense. So at least in tough times, you kept people in good humour. I would like to invite some of them for a drink."

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