On This Day – Gayatri Devi’s Birth Anniversary: The Maharani Who Redefined Indian Fashion

Devi was considered the ultimate fashion icon in India during the 20th century.

"I learnt style from my mother; she taught me all about style – she was one of the most fashionable, most independent and most modern Maharanis yet she always insisted ‘she was ordinary." – Gayatri Devi.

An epitome of elegance, Maharani Gayatri Devi redefined the Indian fashion scene in the 20th century, and how! Devi was an icon in many ways, especially the way she broke all societal barriers and lived her life on her own terms! She had a graceful aura like none other, which is still considered an example!

Gayatri Devi was born into the Koch Royal dynasty to Maharaja Jitendra Narayan-Maratha Princess Indira Devi, and married to the Rajput scion, Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II of Jaipur.

Maharani Gayatri Devi's Sense of Fashion

Gayatri Devi had several roles in her life: a queen, a politician, an advocate of women's empowerment, a philanthropist, a wife, and a mother. However, she was always unwavering in her fashion no matter her role.

Devi was mostly seen in elegant chiffon saris in soft shades of pastel, worn with long-sleeved blouses, and accompanied by a modest lipstick shade and pearl and emerald jewelry.

She believed that one doesn't need to be covered in jewelry to maintain a regal look. As fashion designer Rina Dhaka said, "I’ve had the great fortune of having met her (Devi). She single-handedly brought about a style influence when it came to chiffon sarees, hairstyles, and makeup. Very minimalist fashion, which spoke louder than any gown I’ve ever seen."

She never followed the fashion rules of the Indian Royal houses. The royal women at the time wore benarasi sarees, demure hair plaits, and elegant buns; while she sported a bob which created an example!

Even today, Devi's fashion sense is inspiring for every woman out there.


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