On This Day – Gayatri Devi’s Birth Anniversary: Here’s How the Maharani Defied Norms of the Society

Devi lived her life on her own terms!

Maharani Gayatri Devi – a symbol of grace, gumption, and boldness – was inarguably one of the most influential women in post-independent India. She never followed the traditional norms and lived her life on her own terms. She was unconventional in the truest sense of the term, inspiring millions of women who dream of doing something out of the box.

Devi was born into the Koch Royal dynasty to Maharaja Jitendra Narayan-Maratha Princess Indira Devi. She got married to the Rajput scion, Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II of Jaipur, at the age of 19.

Today, on Maharani's birth anniversary, let's learn how she defied the norms of society.

How Maharani Gayatri Devi Defied the Societal Norms

Maharani Gayatri Devi was a rebel in many ways. Being a woman of Indian royalty, she was expected to wear traditional clothes. But she never followed those rules and flaunted her style like none other. She was typically seen in chiffon saris in soft shades of pastel, worn with long-sleeved blouses, along with a carefully chosen lipstick shade and pearl and emerald jewelry. She sometimes sported a bob which was very unusual at the time.

In a male-dominated society where women were caged inside the domestic prison, Devi drove cars, rode horses, played Polo, and more. She imported the first Mercedes-Benz W126, a 500 SEL to India which was later shipped to Malaysia.

Moreover, she even took part in politics. She won the Jaipur constituency in the Lok Sabha in 1962, with record-breaking 192,909 votes. She continued holding this seat in 1967 and 1971 as a member of the Swatantra Party.

Devi was a woman of strength, and she did not lose her following even after losing her princely powers. She helped many women to fight against societal norms and do something on their own. Also, she founded several programs for the poor.

Maharani Gayatri Devi's legacy remains untouched even after so many years since her demise.


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