On This Day – Anil Kapoor & Sunita Kapoor’s Wedding Anniversary: Here’s A Look at Their Love Story

The couple celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary today.

Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor’s love story is no less than a fairytale! They have been together for almost 50 years, and now, they are considered one of Bollywood’s most adored couples. Also, they often set couple goals for millennials, and how!

They tied the knot on this very date back in 1984, after 10 years of courtship. It was a low-key ceremony, attended by around only 10 people.

Today, on their wedding anniversary, let’s have a look at their love story in this article.

Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor’s love story

Surprising as it may sound, the relationship started with a prank call! In an interview, the ‘Mr. India’ actor revealed, “A friend of mine gave Sunita my number to prank call me – that’s when I first spoke to her and fell in love with her voice! A few weeks later, we met at a party and I was introduced to her…there was something about her that just attracted me. We started talking and became friends. We used to discuss this other girl I liked – you know if I like her or she likes me? And then suddenly, that girl vanished, leaving me heartbroken. So, my friendship with Sunita became stronger because of a broken heart.”

Sunita was always by Anil’s side during his struggle days. As the actor said, “Little did I know that Sunita was the one all along – we organically started dating. It’s not like in the films – I didn’t ask her to be my girlfriend…we both just knew. She didn’t care who I was or what my profession is…it never mattered. She was from a liberal family––a banker’s daughter with a happening modeling career and I was totally bekaar! I lived in Chembur and she lived on Nepean Sea Road, so I would call her and say ‘I’ll take the bus and reach in an hour.’ She would scream, ‘No come fast by taxi!’ then I’d say ‘Arey I don’t have money’ and she’d say ‘Just come na, I’ll manage’ and pay for my cab.”

Anil Kapoor proposed to Sunita after signing ‘Meri Jung’, which turned out to be his breakthrough film. Speaking about their marriage, Anil said, “I thought now the house will come, the kitchen will come, help will come…I can get married! So, I called Sunita and said, ‘Let’s get married tomorrow – it’s tomorrow or never’ and the next day, in the presence of about 10 people we were married.”


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