Old Cables Into Shoes and Bags: Watch This Designer’s Unco Transforming Skills!

Guess what? A young British-Nigerian designer has decided to turn old cables into shoes, and you’ll be left amazed.

Most of us have ended up disposing of old electronic cables as wastage, but a young British-Nigerian designer has decided to turn them into shoes—both stilettos and sneakers. In fact, she has combined innovation, streetwear vibes, and circular fashion, and she clearly lives up to Antoine Lavoisier’s adage, “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.”

To say the least, the field of fashion design is now focusing on trying to reduce waste and trash, which have been a result of overconsumption. The British-Nigerian designer Tega Akinola started her work during the COVID-19 lockdown in early 2020 and transformed various old or faulty electronic cables into a pair of shoes. Her work soon went viral, and since then she has upcycled streetwear by creating all kinds of waste into ultra-desirable fashion items.

In fact, most of us are aware that old or unusable cables like USB cables, headphones, Ethernet cables, or even charging cables build up and pollute rather than serve any real purpose. While some designers are transforming cables into jewellery creations, Tega Akinola, who is only in her 20s, decided to transform them into shoes of all kinds, from sandals to stilettos to sneakers.

Tega’s finest

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After making her work public, she has diversified and turned it into a business. She has stilettos made from branded sports socks and pumps made from old sports bags. Not just that, she also has ultra-trendy handbags made from old fleeces.

Tega’s statement

“When I first started, my focus wasn’t on, ‘oh I’m going to try to be sustainable.’ It was just the idea of buying second-hand things and making them new. When I realised that I could help contribute or help inspire people to be more consciously aware of what they buy and why they buy it, I started to hone that a little bit more,” Tega Akinola said in an interview with Vogue UK.

Her work was even spotlighted as part of the 2021 ‘Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street’ exhibition, which was held at London’s Design Museum.


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