No Need To Take 9 To 5 Seriously: Here Are Top 3 Tricks To Discover And Maximize Your Peak Hours

Make two different spectrums between peak and off-peak!

9 to 5 in today’s era— imagery from the material— continuously makes our mind to be a horse with a full-struggling race and zero central productiveness. Absolutely zero! To point out the underlying truth of this statement, question whether your everyday workload used to be finished within every day’s existing deadline. Works tend to finish but lastly not and that’s the primitive answer. Mankind has both peaks and off-peaks of executing their works. Based on the different energy levels of different people, it’s just insane to be a workaholic from the morning to the afternoon. We have a special efficiency that we have fluctuations. And for that fluctuation, we’re experts to make our work more presentable and skillful. Relatable to you because every time you experience the first two days of the week is enjoyable for you to be a productive mind when on the last weekdays you become less productive. Identification of peak productivity hours can extract your off-peaks and help to utilize other things. Let’s have a ride on discovering and maximizing your peak productivity hours.

When you feel most energized: Find out by coming across a lengthy procedure

To have track of your energetic moments, you should have some processes to look after. Collect all of your data based on your hourly log over the day and it has to be outstretched for some weeks, even one or two months. The items you have to be focused on every hour :

  • Your working tasks.
  • Consumption of time to finish tasks.
  • Whether you’re feeling motivated, concentrated and full of productivity.
  • You’re focusing time and its duration
  • Any distractions you’re facing.

Prioritise most important: Then more to less

Create a quarter first of peak hours and off-peak hours. If you’re running at peak productivity hours in the morning and less in the evening, then you should arrange your work serially from hard to easy. Like, in the arrangement, hard tasks such as projects or presentations are needed to be listed on morning events when evening events need to be reserved for non-essential tasks. After having a pre-planned schedule, then you can go for planning the next work day the previous night just to have a more precise outline to guide.

Distractions have to be expelled: Bring focus on deep concentrated work

The most indispensable component of maximising your peak hours and gaining your utility to focus on. Today’s numerous distraction tools such as social media are enough to capsize our concentration. So, it must be your very first priority to eliminate directly those during the time of your full-attentive critical tasks.

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