Newcastle United to Receive Less Money for CL Qualification Compared to Others

Newcastle United returned to the Champions League earlier this week, but they will receive a smaller reward than other PL clubs for their success. 

Since Newcastle's last appearance in the Champions League 20 years ago, when they made history by being the first side to advance from the group stages after losing the first three games, other teams have failed to do so. They faced Juventus, Barcelona, and Inter Milan on their way to being eliminated from the second group stage of Europe's premier championship.

On Monday, they qualified for the tournament for just the third time, and when the draw is made in August, they can be dealt a terrible scenario.

Tough opponents 

Entering an uphill battle may suit Eddie Howe's team supporters because they will want to go on all the major European tours they can after 20 years without them. As they will be in the pot, they can get the top 3 teams from other leagues in their group.

Given that their defensive record this season is favourable compared to many, the Magpies, however, shouldn't be overly concerned about running into anyone.

The financial aspect is what is more disheartening for them. While Arsenal and Manchester United will also receive significantly more money for participating in the same competition, Newcastle will only receive less than half as much money as City.

Reason behind this lag 

The "ten-year historical coefficient pot," which awards teams depending on how well they've performed in Europe over a longer period of time, is to blame for this difficult situation.

Newcastle will 'only' receive £21.5 million, which is less than half of what Arsenal and Manchester United will receive should they confirm their qualification. City will receive £58.06 million simply for qualifying.

The TV money will be considerably lower for Newcastle (just 2.88 million pounds instead of 13.4 million) if they finish the league in 4th, so they will hope Manchester United drops points in their last two games.