Myths about the Panic attack.

Panic attacks are serious mental health-related issues that need proper treatment.

Panic attack, a sudden event of intense fear triggeringextreme physical reactions, is a frightening health condition. People may suffer from it even when there is no real danger. Lack of treatment can worsen panic attack situations. It affects physical health too. You need proper treatment to recover from panic attacks. However, several misconceptions are floating for a long time regarding panic attacks. Here’s a description of those myths and real facts. You should raise awareness after learning the truth.

Myth: Only “weak”  or “crazy” people suffer panic attacks.

Fact: People tend to think that crazy and weak-minded people suffer from panic attacks mostly. But, in reality, anybody can have panic attacks.Even people with strong mental power can have panic attacks. You just cannot judge and predict a panic attack. For instance, a person suffering from physical stress can have panic attacks. You should not ignore saying, panic attack only happens to a specific group of people.

Myth: People with panic attacks just want attention from others

Fact: This is another wrong concept. Some people just cannot consider it a serious problem. They believe that panic attack is fake and people suffer from it act so to get much attention from others. A panic attack is a serious issue, which can be faced by people of any age group. For instance, if one employee makes a mistake at the workplace, thatperson may feel like he/she is going to get fired from the job. It may seem dramatic from the outside, but, it’s real to the person who is going through the situation. The physical symptoms are real whichmay include increased blood pressure, rapid heart rate, along trouble breathing.

Myth: You cannot treat panic attacks.

Fact: Panic attacks are treatable. Do not listen to those false concepts. If you are facing panic attacks frequently, you must consult with an expert. A panic attack is treatable and can be cured when stressors are reduced. The expert chose proper treatment pathways observing the symptoms. This includes cognitive-behavioral therapy or medications. The expert will suggest how to cope up with such situationscalmly.

Myth: Only people suffering from anxiety disorder will have panic attacks.

Fact: As mentioned earlier anybody can have panic attacks as mentioned above. Some symptoms and signs are evident in many persons, but they ignore many times. You should always remember that anxiety disorder and panic attacks are different. People suffering from anxiety disorder are indeed prone to suffer from panic attacks frequently.

Myth: Panic attacks lead to dissociation from reality

Fact: People misunderstand panic attacks a lot. That leads to severe consequences. People tend to think that panic attacks prompt people to dissociate fromreality.They often believe that hallucinations, hearing voices, or speaking in tongues are the symptoms of panic attacks. In reality, these symptoms might be associated with any mental health-related issues,these are not common traits of panic attacks.

So, do not believe in traditional misconceptions and always consult an expert if you are facing panic attacks frequently.

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