Myths about curly hair

Silky, shiny, and bouncy curly hair is one of the most attractive additional criteria of any person. Although this trait is genetic, it needs proper care to grow curly hair. “You have such beautiful curly hair, wish I had hair like you”, probably this is the common sentence you heard since your childhood if you have curly hair. Keeping curly hair is truly challenging that needs constant nutrient supply and patience.Always remember the fact that high maintenance cost is required for your curly hair. From a scientific perspective, let me share a trivia, curly hair is the dominant hair type trait genetically.There are some common myths about curly hair.never, get baffled with those misconceptions. Consider article as myth-buster for curly hair. Myth: If you have curly hair, do not detangle before washing. Fact: It is a very common yet false suggestion by people. Every person should detangle hair before washing. Detangling helps in easier washing. If your hair is very curly you can detangle hair and use pre-washing gels, widely available in the market. Myth: You will not be able to brush your curly hair. Fact: This notion is completely wrong. In earlier times, people tend to use one type of brush only. Gradually modern research on hair and its growth led to the invention of hair-specific brushes. Curly hairs can be brushed with those brushes. So, do not worry about brushing your hair even though it is curly. Myth: Curly hair takes a longer time to grow. Fact: this is an entirely wrong concept. Hair growth duration is the same for straight and curly hair. Due to the curls, people think that curly hair is small and take a longer period to grow. You can ensure this fact by detangling the curls and straight hair side by side. Myth: Do not wash your curly hair regularly, it will become dry. Fact: This is again an entirely wrong conception. If you do not wash your curly hair daily, then you are harming your hair. Regular washing makes your hair clean and helps in proper hair growth. This also provides nutrition to your scalp. Myth: There is no need to use conditioner for curly hair. Fact: people tend to think that, conditioner can never help curly hair. Unfortunately, this is also a wrong concept. Conditioner is regarded as the best friend of Curly hair scientifically. Only conditioners can make your curly hair soft, silky, and smooth. Myth: You can never have long hair if it is already curly. Fact: Scientifically, curly hair can be grown long. You just need to have a proper diet and patience to grow your curly hair. So, do not get stressed with your own hair condition, if you have curly hair, be proud of it, never listen to those myths.