Must-know facts for proper brushing to take care of oral health

Every person in this world suffer from oral or teeth problem at least once in their lifetime, so it’s always a better option to brush your teeth properly for good oral health. “Brush your teeth properly” you must have heard those lines many times in your childhood. The reason lies in getting proper oral health. Clean teeth, the firstand foremost thing required for oral healthcare. Many people often suffer from bad breath and dental cavities. Proper brushing techniques can solve maximum oral problems. Go through this article to know the important facts about brushing for proper oral health. Wash your teeth 2-3 times with a brush: Food materials sometimes get trapped inside the gap between teeth and cavities. To remove those particles, you need to brush at least 2-3 times. The morning and night brushing is a must. But you can brush anytime in between these times. Always remember that there should be a 4-5 hours gap between two brushing times. Brush for at least 3 minutes: Brushing your teeth in a rush has no benefits. You must brush your teeth for at least 120-150 seconds. One common mistake done by many is brushing only one side of the teeth. You must brush the frontal and back sides of teeth for both left and right sides. It is mandatory for oral health. Holding brush properly is important: Many people hold brushes wrongly.You should always hold your toothbrush at a certain angle so that the bristles touch the region where teeth are connected to the gums. You should start brushing gently with a back and forth motion. Never brush hard, it affects your gum. Many people forget to brush over the tongue, but it is equally important. Always use a clean toothbrush: A clean toothbrush is amust for oral health. It is better to clean your toothbrush every time before applying the paste to it. You should keep your toothbrush in an upright position so that bristles are held inthe upside. Let your toothbrush get dried with air after using it. Never keep your toothbrush in a closed area until it's dry, the moist condition leads to bacterial growth in the bristles. Bring a new toothbrush after every 5 months: Never use your toothbrush continuously for a long time. It is always a better idea to change the toothbrush after using it for 3-5 months. The bristles get hard and sharp, so it harms your gum and even leads to the secretion of blood from the gum. Selection of toothbrush and paste is important: Irrespective of the technique, you should be careful while choosing the paste and toothbrush. Check the bristles of your toothbrush while buying. It should be soft and uniform. The children's toothbrush is much softer than the usual one. Moreover, you should be aware of the purpose of paste, if your teeth cntain plaques, then try anti-plaque toothpaste. You should always use fluoride-based toothpaste always. You can also try battery-operated or electric toothbrushes for plaque removal. You must follow these steps for good oral health.