Music that would help you to fall asleep

Music has some kind of magic or power to change our moods and also these acts as symphonies that keep us focused during long workdays, during workouts, love songs to set the mood for romantic dinners or dance.

Solfeggio frequencies (Healing sleep music): These are specific sound tones used to help heal various aspects of physical, mental and emotional health. These frequencies have healing powers proven by researchers. Different frequencies play various healing benefits during sleep times. 432-Hertz sleep music is proven to slow down your heart rate and 528-hertz are proven to reduce stress.

Instrumental music: It uses real instruments and does not include vocals, also all instrumental music is not meant to be appropriate for sleep. Some music is upbeat and energizing that is not good for sleep. Slow-paced instrumental songs may help one to relax without getting distracted through lyrics. Piano and Orchestral music fall under the type of instrumental sleep music.

Nature sounds associated with sleep music: Do you tend to fall asleep faster when you turn on a fan or exposure to white noise? Or it’s easy to fall asleep faster with rain tapping on the roof? In the year of 2017 researchers found that participants who tend to listen to natural sounds increased their rest-digest nervous system activity and also directed focus of attention.

Isochronic and binaural beats: Binaural beats consist of 2 different frequencies that each play in one of your ears. Whenever you try to listen to these two types of tones at the same time, the brain automatically creates the 3rd beat. If one feels like listening to music without headphones, one can enjoy isochronic tones without any interruption. Isochronic tones do not rely on two separate beats; instead they are single beats repeated at specific intervals which are evenly spaced.

Marconi Union (Weightless): An UK band Marconi Union has composed a song called Weightless that proved to reduce overall anxiety. The band has composed songs in collaboration with a few sound therapists. It is actually designed to slower the heart rate and reduce blood pressure at the same time.

Smooth white, brown and pink noise Music: Noise is also an option when it comes to listening music. People have heard about white noise, basically defined by flat pectral density. There is also another type of noise called Pink, similar to white noise but decreases with intensity as the frequency increases.

Having trouble sleeping? Put on headphones and listen to these music which are mind relaxing and also keeps one healthy.


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