Mumbai Locales' Offbeat Dishes

Local flavours dipped in foreign elements

Mumbai is a cultural journey and by experiencing gastronomical delights, you navigate its history and diversity in culinary delicacies. A buffet of mindboggling cooking styles and a treasure trove of flavours, have you heard of these lesser-talked-about assorted platters?


The Coriander Wonder, Kanda Poha to Brighten Up the Day


Poha is a darling street food and especially when it is sizzled with mustard seeds, fresh coriander and droplets of lime juice. You would hardly come across a dish not prepped with utmost love and tenderness in Maharashtra. The chillies and onions further prep up its tanginess and more so during the grey Mumbai rains.


Charcoal Grilled Bombay Sandwich for the Savoury Street Food Drama


A sizzling affair of dollops of cheese, veggies and mayonnaise, the behemothian Bombay sandwich is students’ favourite, sumptuous and pocket-friendly. The sandwich fill is wildly customisable. Grilled over hot charcoal, the sandwich’s origin is no less interesting. The tangy pudina and coriander chutney is the cherry on top!


The sandwich was brought to the mainstream knowledge by John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, but later become comfort food for swanky businesspersons and migrant labourers alike.


Ragda Patties— A Hustle Bustle of Flavours and Spices 


Ragda, chickpeas and mashed potatoes make for lip-smacking fat and fried patties—a sensuous retreat for food lovers. When garnished with chopped onions and tamarind sauce or flaming green chutney, ragda patties don an entirely different avatar! Dig into the authentic flavour of Mumbai with this mini treat. 


The Thin Pancakes of Mysore 


Mysore Masala Dosa, like every other dosa variety, is made with fermented rice batter, and its stature has been elevated to Mumbai streets’ popular and most palatable dish although not strictly Maharashtrian. While at it, why not relish the Chinese, Jini and Schezwan Cheese variants? 



Dabeli, A Mandvi Delicacy in the City


Dabeli is a pretty amalgamation of pomegranate, Nylon Sev, crushed peanuts and a myriad medley of spices. Dabeli stalls have a separate fan base owing to the toppings and versatile condiments. A few varieties have an added zing while others are hearted for the recipes’ commitment to tradition and authenticity.  


Nalli Nihari, Epitome of ‘Breakfast Like a King’ Philosophy


A gratuitous and soul-satisfying meal, nalli nihari is exploding with a delightful arrangement of spices and curries accompanied by crisp rotis. Mumbai’s street vendors, upscale restaurants and cafes equally share notorious popularity for serving the best nalli nihari in the world. On the weekends, foodies queue in front of street-side eateries from 6 am. The pinch of ghee, chutney and spices makes the weakly wait worth it.