Mumbai Auto Driver Gives Ride to Woman and Her Pet Dog; Internet Calls Him a Superhero

A heartwarming video has gone viral online, showcasing an auto driver in Mumbai who kindly agreed to transport a woman and her pet dog to their destination.

 There are good people around, and anytime one meets one, the day is made. The same thing happened to a woman who was attempting to bring her pet dog home. After their trip to the vet, she tried to rent an automobile, but no one would take a dog. However, one of the drivers concurred and mentioned his love of animals. Additionally, a heartwarming video of the same has gone viral. 

The post 

A page called Oscar and Karma published the now-viral video on Instagram. The woman said in the video that she had been looking for a car after taking her dog to the veterinarian. Oscar, her dog, was unable to move and had rashes on his lower body. However, no motorist was still ready to allow a dog in the car.

The woman came across an auto-rickshaw driver, though, who invited them to sit inside and even claimed to adore animals.

"Superheroes don’t have wings. They are real people," read the caption of the post.


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Social media users praised the man's good deed as the video received over a million views. 

Social media reactions

"Angels do exist," a user wrote.

Another user commented, "Please pay a bit extra if you can. The world needs to have and appreciate such people."