Movies to help you move on from a breakup

Not the lovey dovey ones, no no.

For times when you want to laying bed, eat your jar of Nutella, double pepperoni pizza, bottles of coke and watch something that won’t remind of a nasty heartbreak you’ve just had.

Moving on from a breakup is not easy. A movie could possibly nudge you in the right direction. Here are a few movies that help you move on from a breakup.

Begin Again

Oh, to find a relationship after a breakup that’s both personal and professional but not romantic is to find a diamond in the rough. The movie is about a friend who can relate to your pain and helping you follow your dreams rather than following your ex.

Blue Valentine

From the swoon-worthy start to the end of a relationship, Blue Valentine beautifully arranges the timeline of two lovers. Sometimes, you need to see the whole journey in a relationship and relate to it hard to finally move past it.

Gone Girl

The story of Amy and Nick, the story of revenge, the story of teaching your cheating husband a lesson. Gone Girl is not really a breakup movie but if you are have been jilted by your ex, there’s few movies out there that can give you the satisfaction of getting revenge.

He’s Not Just That Into You

A lot of relationships in the movie – with different issues and manias. He’s Just Not That Into You has different kind of relationships and one of them is learning when to pursue a relationship and when to move on.

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods proves that looks isn’t everything when you’re trying to get back at your ex. You need to go above and beyond. Joining a law school (“like it’s hard?”) and becoming a pink-wearing cracked lawyer is surely one of the ways.

The First Wives’ Club

The movie is a reminder that heartbreaks and breakups can come at any age. It is about three women who create a club to get back at their lousy husbands who are cheating on them. The cast is incredible, and the movie has catchy breakups quotes to incredible acting.

500 Days Of Summer

500 Days OF Summer will hit too close to home when you realise loving someone doesn’t mean they love youk bac as well. And how learning to unlove them means revisiting the memories and changing the perspective.

John Tucker Must Die

Ex-girlfriends team up to teach their common ex a lesson – making him fall in love with a girl they hire and make him feel the pain of a breakup.

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