Mother and Son Clear the West Bengal Higher Secondary Exam With Flying Colours

The mother received 324 marks compared to the son's 284 scores.

On May 24, the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE) released the results for the class 12 exam, known as the Uccha Madhyamik, which showed that 89.25 per cent of students passed. One of them was a mother-and-son team from West Bengal's Shantipur who excelled in the test. The mother fell 40 marks behind her son. The mother received 324 marks compared to the son's 284 scores.

Overcoming obstacles to pursue education

Latika Mandal, aged 38, was married to Asim Mandal 20 years ago and currently lives in the new Sardarpara of the Shantipur police station in Narsinghpur. Due to her family's poor situation, Latika, a resident of Dhubulia at the time, did not continue her education past sixth grade.

She never lost her ambition to study, though. Her spouse works as a day labourer. She was always pulled towards reading books while managing the home and raising the kids. With the aid of a neighbour, she was granted admission to Rabindra Mukta Vidyalaya.

The inspiring pursuit of education continues

In 2020, she and her daughter both successfully completed the Madhayamik test, or class 10 exam. After one year, her son graduated from high school. Latika was accepted into the arts stream for class 11 at Narsinghpur High School in 2021. East Bardhaman's Kalna Maharaja High School is where her son Sourav attends. This year, they both successfully completed the higher secondary arts exams.

Both the mother and the boy are applicants for the higher secondary exams this year, although they attend different schools. Latika, their mother, intends to finish her education degree in the future. Sourav, his son, wants to study for government positions after graduating from college.

Latika’s words

However, Latika is not happy after the results get published, she regrets, "It would have been better if the results were reversed. If the boy had done a little better, it would have helped him in the future. What else will happen with the results at my age?"

Sourav’s reply

Meanwhile, Sourav said, "Everyone says your mother has done so well. That’s what my victory is!"