Most Used In-Game Phrases in FIFA

Over the generations, several real-life legendary commentators have extended their voices in the game FIFA

In the realm of Esports, FIFA is one of the most played games in the world. Developed by EA Sports, the game has been heavily programmed to replicate the physical world of football. From real-life stadiums to the in-game characters looking analogous, the developers have covered everything to make FIFA as original as possible. They have also borrowed the voices of legendary football commentators and utilized them in the game’s commentary system. In this article, we deliver to you the most used expressions in the game of FIFA said by various real-life commentators.

  • “A jaw-dropping save! He’s got no right to make that save. He’s absolutely fantastic.”
  • “Well, that was just like Alan Smith at his prime, except it’s not in the back of the net.”
  • “The wind is blowing, and the snow is snowing.”
  • “It did appear that they might be onto something, but not so.”
  • “He used the inside of his head well, but outside, not so much.”
  • “It’s a David and Goliath encounter, and we could see a shock upset here today.”
  • “Well, he certainly didn’t hold back on that tackle, but I think he’s hurt himself.”
  • “Two-goal leads are twice as good as one-goal leads.”
  • “So close, it’s hit the post.”
  • “He won’t be troubling the scoreboard operator with that shot.”
  • “The off-side flag had to go up, and it did. Look along the line! Look along the line!”
  • “We’ve got the official word. There will be a minimum of two minutes.”
  • “What can they do from this position?”
  • “They will now make use of the substitute bench.”
  • “Possession changes hands with the interception there.”
  • “Cristiano Ronaldo, always in danger when this man is on the ball!”
  • “This is why we love this game. Late drama and now they’re in front.”
  • “What did you make of the teams’ first-half display, Andy?”
  • “Andy, I don’t think I’ve ever asked you this on air, but wouldn’t you like a go with these modern-day footballs?”
  • “Three of the best! He’s made them pay. And it’s a day he’ll never forget.”
  • “The goals keep going in for them. There’s no stopping them now, absolutely omnipotent.”
  • “Just have to try and hang on here. The fans are trying to get them over the line.”
  • “A jaw-dropping save! He’s got no right to make that save. He’s absolutely fantastic.”