Man’s Struggle Ends as ChatGPT Helps Him Find an Apartment in New York

Facing difficulty finding a house, Dippold sought assistance from ChatGPT. Requesting 20 apartment-hunting ideas, he considered it a creative solution, ultimately finding success through the chatbot's guidance.

When faced with the daunting task of finding a house in a new city, the founder of a venture capital firm turned to ChatGPT for assistance. In a remarkable turn of events, within just two weeks, he successfully secured an apartment after struggling for almost four months. This achievement highlights the incredible potential of ChatGPT, proving its ability to provide valuable guidance and support for a wide range of tasks.

Daniel Dippold, a 28-year-old entrepreneur and founder of the venture capital firm EWOR, and his girlfriend encountered significant challenges in their quest to find a suitable rental apartment in Berlin. Despite a four-month search, they were unable to find any appealing options on popular housing platforms such as Immo Scout24, Immowelt, and Immonet. Despite seeking assistance from their contacts, none were able to provide promising leads.

"I got really worried because there was literally no one able to provide a flat," Dippold told Business Insider.

ChatGPT to rescue

After enduring months of relentless effort, Dippold sought assistance from ChatGPT. With a desire to explore alternative, tech-focused approaches to apartment hunting beyond online platforms, he requested the chatbot's input on generating 20 innovative ideas. The suggestions ranged from automated alerts on housing websites to leveraging machine-learning algorithms for identifying lucrative areas.

While Dippold found some of the ideas intriguing, he discovered that many were not feasible. Determined to explore further options, he sought an additional 40 suggestions from ChatGPT. Eventually, he stumbled upon his favourite concept: developing an extensive database encompassing the details of both public and private property managers in Berlin. This ingenious strategy would enable him to directly engage with them, opening doors to potential housing opportunities.

"When I was really exhausted looking for a flat in Berlin, I figured, 'Hey, can I build something that makes it easier for me potentially with GPT?'" he wondered. It worked," he said.

In an interview, Dippold expressed how employing the chatbot for housing search proved to be a "creative solution," providing a faster and superior experience compared to conventional methods of apartment hunting.

Limitations and caveats of ChatGPT

Nevertheless, he acknowledged that the chatbot was not infallible. Dippold highlighted that certain solutions proposed by ChatGPT were deemed "absolutely worthless." For instance, recommendations such as developing a chatbot for landlord communication or signing a lease without personally inspecting the property were deemed impractical and unwise.