Manoj Bajpayee says the reason why most films don't work is lack of time on the script: 'Pay attention to story'

Manoj Bajpayee spoke about the current state of content on OTT and said most filmmakers tried to find the same mantra for success.

In his latest film Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai, Manoj Bajpayee plays a lawyer who takes a sensitive legal battle in court to protect the rights of a young woman. During the promotions for the project, the actor was asked about the current state of the industry and he said that the films weren't connecting anymore as the people in the industry are looking for an easy mantra to success. He believed if the story and script were given adequate time to develop, then everything else would fall into place.

This is the actor's latest project on OTT after the films Silence Can You Hear It?, Dial 100 and Gulmohar. In the last few years, he has also headlined the Prime Video series The Family Man and been a part of the Netflix anthology Ray. The actor is known for choosing projects that he personally believes in and most of them are critically acclaimed.

In an interview with GOODTIMES, Manoj was asked about how films were not doing well, even on OTT. He explained, "We keep wondering, why aren't films working? But the reason is right within you. We keep trying to find a mantra for everything. We keep looking for the thing that will make us successful. It doesn't work like that. Just be true to the job. It's most important that we pay attention to the story. It's important that we spend time on writing a good script. [There were] 18 drafts of Bandaa. It takes time. For Gulmohar, it took them three years. I really find it surprising how [people keep churning stuff out]."

He had also added, "When you start churning [things], definitely mediocrity will emerge. When you start to look for a formula to any success, then mediocrity will come. That means you are not being true to your creative self. You are trying to find that tablet, and you think you got that tablet. It never happens that way."

The actor also has the films Soup, Dispatch and Joram lined up for release this year. Manoj also shared that the third season of The Family Man is expected to begin shooting late this year.

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