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Man treats children cleaning cars with a dinner in a 5-star hotel

The video shows Singh taking the kids in his car and welcoming them to a hotel. Watch the video here.

When a bunch of kids came near a man's car to clean his window, they didn't expect that man would take them to a luxurious hotel and treat them to dinner. Since the video of the man was shared, it has gone viral.

This video was shared by Kawaljeet Singh on Instagram. In the caption of the post he wrote, "Stuck at a traffic light, kids were cleaning cars for food money near a 5-star hotel. Instead of just giving money, I invited them into my car. Their eyes widened as we ended up at the same five-star hotel for dinner - a first for them."

He further shared, "Seated together, their happiness was real, and it got to me. Seeing them enjoy the fancy meal was touching. They kept thanking me a hundred times, and it made the whole experience deeply emotional. I felt grateful for being able to create such unexpected, heartwarming moments. Life’s beauty lies not just in personal victories but in sharing and making dreams come true for others."

The video shows Singh taking the kids in his car and welcoming them to a hotel. As they reach the destination, the kids can be seen enjoying a variety of dishes.

Watch the video here:


This video was shared just a few days ago. Since being posted, it has garnered more than 40 million views and over four million likes. Many even took to the comments section of the post to share their reactions.

Here's what people are saying about it:

An individual wrote, "Big salute brother."

A second shared, "Good job, sir."

"May god give you good health and happiness to carry on the good work," posted a third.

A fourth said, "Good work."

A fifth commented, "Thank you so much for helping those kids."

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