Making nutritious paneer with milk powder

Ever wondered if paneer can be made from simple milk powder at home and nothing else?

Paneer or Indian cottage cheese is one of the most loved and craved delicacies in the Indian subcontinent! From being a major ingredient in tikka recipes to snacks, paneer can be added and molded down in any recipes that you want it to be. Traditionally prepared by churning cow or buffalo milk, recent trends suggest that paneer can be easily prepared at home with just milk powder as well! surprising isn’t it? People across social media platforms are almost going gaga over this useful concoction of preparing something as magical as paneer with just milk powder at home and nothing else. This article presents a DIY process of preparing paneer with milk powder at home in some of the easiest steps.

Basic ingredients for making paneer from milk powder

Well to begin the process of making paneer at home, you will need some basic key ingredients which are mostly available in almost every Indian household. Take around 400-500 grams of milk powder which would be around 5 to 6 cups on average, followed by 5 to 6 tbsps of vinegar or lemon (whichever is readily available) and 10 to 11 cups of water. To get better results in the whole DIY process of preparing healthy and tasty paneer, it is always better to with a good quality milk powder. Truly speaking, a good quality milk powder brand which has passed a BIS certification of milk fat percentage test, moisture test, protein and lactose test will surely help you prepare a good quality and creamy paneer.

A thorough DIY process

Once the ingredients are arranged and ready to begin,: pick a bowl and mix 400 grams of milk powder with around 10 to 11 cups of water and whisk it thoroughly until all the lumps are cleared. After the blending part is done, keep a pan on the stove and start boiling the prepared milk and whisk continuously for a few minutes to avoid lump and burn. Once the milk has reached its boiling point, add the lemon drops or vinegar on it and continue whisking until it starts creating curdle-like forms. Once the boiling process is done, drain the excess water from it while separately picking the sloppy paneer-like stuff on a muslin cloth. Now Tie the muslin tightly to drain out the excess water from it and settle on a flat surface when it’s done. Keep a flat vessel or container on top of it for a few hours which will keep the process going and would help it settle down in a shape from sloppy to thick and tight. After a few hours of the entire settling process, the paneer would be ready to eat raw or for cooking any spicy delicacies.

So these are some of the easiest methods of preparing paneer from milk powder! Start this DIY preparation today and surprise your family with this amazing healthy and tasty dairy magic.


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