Makeup Secrets To Achieve A Fresh New Look

These beauty secrets will transform your life.

The world of makeup can be daunting if you are a beginner. There are so many shades, colours. Not to mention products that you have never even heard of. Your cheeks and lips require different methods to enhance your beauty. However, there are a few makeup secrets that pros might not even know. If you love all things fashion and beauty, there are some ways you can update your style. Here are some makeup secrets to try.

  1. Cheeks
Before you apply foundation, add your blush to the cheeks. This helps you get that natural glow. If you are unsure what shade to choose, bright and warm pinks look gorgeous on almost any complexion. If you want to achieve that youthful glow, apply two shades of blush. Red or pink shades on the apple of the cheek look striking. Apply peach or coral shades on the highest point of the cheekbone. If you need a blush that is long-lasting, apply a gel formula under a powder or bronzer. This will allow the blush to stay on for hours.
  1. Face
If you have a fuller coverage foundation, mix your foundation with a moisturizer. In order to make your foundation thicker, mix a loose powder. Do not use too much of the powder or it will cake. To pull your entire look together, add a light dusting of blush to your crease and temples. This will help you achieve that flawless finish.
  1. Eyes
Before you apply eye makeup, place eye lotion in an icebox for a while. Next, apply it on the lids. This will help to reduce puffiness. If you want your mascara to last longer, apply a few drops of saline solution in the tube. This will help to add a whole lot of moisture to the formula. When trying to master the perfect cat-eye, apply some mascara before you use a liquid liner to create the shape.
  1. Lips
A red lip looks gorgeous and striking. It can add a whole lot of glamour to any outfit. But the wrong shade of red can spell disaster. To get the right red shade for your complexion, apply a lip colour that has the same undertone as your complexion. To neutralize the lip tone, apply a colour corrector all over your lips. This helps to make the colour more vibrant so it stands out.