Make this Veggie Hummus sandwich rich in iron and protein

Who doesn’t want a portioned and protein-packed healthy meal, thrice a day?Well, if you knew this recipe, I can guarantee you, you would never bat an eye for a healthy meal. Some would call it the Green Goddess of a sandwich. Veggies are rich in nutrients and the flavour of hummus adds to the zing, matched with the cooling effects of avocado. Thiswholesome snack packs vegetables in a soothing wrap of hummus spread bread and makes for a perfect heart-healthy food that you can hog onto, breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can try out different flavours of hummus to add a little jazz to it. Kick up your mood with this nourishing food. What do you need? Whole-grain bread - 2 slices Hummus - 3 tablespoons Avocado - ¼th of one, mashed and made into spread Assortments of salad greens - ½ cup Red bell pepper - ¼th of a medium one, sliced Cucumber - ¼ cup, sliced Shredded carrot - ¼ cup Make yourself a Sandwich Prepare Hummus – It’s healthy and tasty, what more do you need? It makes for the perfect dip to chip your snack in. You could use it on veggies as well, which is what we will do with the Hummus and Avocado sandwich. For Hummus you’d need 3 cups of Chickpeas which needs to be boiled and soaked overnight. Add a bit of garlic to it, say a couple of cloves. You need to mince the garlic finely and for the bite just let it rest on a spoon of lemon juice for a couple of minutes. You have to add Tahini to the mix. It’s a rich and nutty paste that is made out of roasted sesame seeds and it tastes slightly bitter. To add a bit of tanginess, we need to juice out a whole lemon and pour it to the mixture. And now a pinch of kosher salt, added to the mixture and we will have the batter ready. Add the magic ingredient, Extra Virgin Olive oil, a generous drizzle and you will have the perfect hummus ready to add to the sandwich. You would have prepared the mashed avocado adding the juice of a slice of lemon, some kosher salt and pepper. Now spread the rich and delicious hummus on a slice of bread and the refreshingavocado paste on the other bread. Fill the sandwich with greens and chopped veggies, bell pepper and cucumber, and if you like chopped carrots. Slice the sandwich in half and you have finally made yourself the best veggie sandwich in the world. Have a wholesome meal.