Lost in translation: Why being multilingual is a necessity these days

Speaking in foreign tongues, here’s why you need it!

Have you often admired French, Spanish, or something closer to home when it comes to language? As if people speaking in multiple languages are godly creatures, individuals with high intellect? Yeah, that’s a myth! Most of us actually learn more than one language while growing up. With inter-cultural matrimony reaching new heights in the later half of the 20th century, a large number of kids grew up learning more than one language. Here’s why you need it too!

Globalization: Need we say more

Let’s talk about it more than that one word that took the world through a storm of opportunities. These opportunities come at the price of learning more than one language to make the most of the huge networking available at your doorstep.

Employment: Securing a job

Employment has always been a great question when it comes to communication skills. While there have been demands of learning one’s own mother tongue and accomplishing higher life goals with it, the truth is, in this day and age you need to know more than your mother-tongue. It makes communication easier.

Making new friends: Yes, this is a necessity too

Diversity in cultures is an amazing phenomena. If you are someone who loves to explore different cultures and make new friends for a diverse set of connections in your arsenal, learning another language is a key to the same. Making new friends is easier when you learn their language. This gives you an inside view into cultural practices that might seem to be shocking when you view it from outside.

Going on-site: Meeting the client

If you have gone through the creeks and cracks of the corporate world, you know very well what going on-site means for you. A new set of opportunities are presented at this point which will help you communicate better with your clients there. For example, the Japanese appreciate people when they try to speak their tongue, and that is true in case of most languages.

It is fun: It is attractive

Have you noticed how other people feel instantly attracted to people who can speak in multiple languages? It is true, it has a certain attractive quality to it. Learning two or more languages is definitely a charm to add to your list of talents. It does in fact make you seem more attractive to others. It will keep your attraction quotient high through a long period of time.

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