Long-Lost Siblings Embrace Each Other After 75 Years: Watch Their Joyful Reunion at Kartarpur Corridor

In a deeply moving reunion, a brother and sister who had been separated during the Partition of 1947 finally met again at the Kartarpur Corridor. The emotional encounter took place as they came face-to-face after decades of longing and distance.

After enduring 75 years of separation caused by the devastating Partition of 1947, a brother and sister found solace in a poignant and heart-warming reunion at Kartarpur. Their emotional gathering took place at the revered Gurudwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur on Saturday, May 20, where they were joined by their families. Despite the weight of time and the challenges of old age, their long-awaited encounter overflowed with joy and profound significance.

At the age of 81, Mahendra Kaur embarked on a heartfelt journey from India alongside her family, traversing the Kartarpur Corridor to reach the sacred Gurudwara. Simultaneously, her long-lost brother, Sheikh Abdul Aziz, aged 78, made his way to Kartarpur from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, accompanied by his own family. Overcoming years of separation and geographical boundaries, their paths converged at this significant destination, brimming with emotions and the promise of a cherished reunion.

A heart-warming video capturing the long-awaited reunion of the siblings surfaced on Twitter, courtesy of PMU (Project Management Unit) Kartarpur officials. The poignant footage showcases the overwhelming emotions of joy and sorrow that engulfed the brother and sister as they embraced each other, finally bridging the painful gap of several decades. Their tears symbolised not only the happiness of reunion but also the enduring grief for the loss of their parents during the years of separation.

Watch the heart-warming video here:

The Partition of 1947

According to The Dawn, Sardar Bhajan Singh's family experienced a heart-breaking separation during the 1947 Partition in Indian Punjab. As a result of the Partition, Aziz moved to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, while his remaining family members stayed in India.

Aziz recounted the years of anguish he endured after being separated from his family. Despite his efforts to locate them, he was unable to obtain any information about his missing parents. While marrying at a young age, he consistently carried the yearning to reunite with his estranged family, which included his parents and other relatives.

Kartarpur Corridor: Reuniting separated souls

The video revealed that a post on social media had led family members to discover a man who had been separated from his sister during the partition. Through this post, the two families connected and confirmed that Mahendra and Aziz were indeed long-lost siblings. Filled with joy, Mahendra Kaur embraced her brother and showered him with kisses.

In honour of this heart-warming event, the Kartarpur administration adorned both families with garlands and shared sweets. Mahendra expressed her deep gratitude for the Kartarpur Corridor project, applauding the governments of India and Pakistan. She expressed hope that this corridor would continue to reunite families and revive tales of love and warmth.

The Kartarpur Corridor is affectionately known as the Corridor of Love, Peace, and Reunification, as it serves as a hub for similar stories of family reunions and love. In January of the previous year, Muhammad Siddique, 80, and Habib, 78, experienced an emotional reunion in the corridor. They embraced, shed tears of joy, and exchanged garlands to celebrate the joyous occasion.