Little Sayings for Big Changes

Here are a few ideas that might lead you to make some huge changes in your life, if you are looking for that sort of thing.

I am here and I have to deal with it. This is what you have to remind yourself whenever you feel ready to give up. We all remember what to do with all the lemons life throws at us. That’s right, Lemonade.

We have to make the most of our situations. We might not all be born with a silver spoon, but that doesn’t matter. We have to make the best use of our steel spoons and eat from it the way we couldn’t with silver spoons.

Spend your time wisely. Be better than you were when you woke up.

‘Amor Fati’ which translates to ‘appreciate what life has offered you’. This line of mental re-frame thought comes from the stoic philosophy that teaches us to love each moment in our life, however dark it may be, there is a silver lining and we are here to work on that silver lining and make things happen.

Problems are only in our minds – Even if you think that the situation you are in is getting out of control, always remember, there is always a solution, have courage and reach for it.

Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you, which is to say you can always take control and be in the driving seat of your life. Don’t let things decide which path you will take in your life.

It could be YOU. Always remember extraordinary people are just ordinary people who have walked that extra mile. Choose to be an exception to the rule and the rules will set around your prerogatives.

Win over your fear and you will achieve success in whatever you choose to do in life. Success comes always winning over your fear.

Hurdles are fooling you; they are outright lying to you. Don’t get demoralized with each obstacle you face, win over it. Don’t let it hold you back in an unfulfilling life.

Always look at the future. Keep your focus undivided and work towards where you want to reach five years down the line. You will definitely arrive at some point five years from now, but the question that you need to ask yourself is where? Only a few years can make monumental changes in a person’s life.

Keep these things in mind and never let the world deter you from your goals. Keep at it!


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