List of things that only happen in the boy's hostel.

The hostel gives you a lifetime experience to remember. There is an odd saying: whatever happens inside the boys’ hostel remains confined between the four walls of the boys’ hostel. The resident inside the boys’ hostel created their world here, which remains unknown to the outsiders. Guys who haven’t lived in a hostel before might find most of the things in the list to be weirdly disgusting. However, this blog post will be a roller coaster ride of memories for the hoteliers. 1. An introductory session with the seniors is a must for every fresher. Since there are strict laws against ragging, seniors came up with ideas to bully the juniors without creating a huge mess. Once you settle into the building, there will be a knock on the door at night- a meetup for an introduction session. For them, ragging is a way of gelling with the juniors and making them do fun activities for entertainment. 2. A resident of the boys’ hostel takes the term ‘Birthday Bash’ very seriously. If it is your birthday, you have to stay prepared for a violent celebration. Be it giving birthday bombs, smashing the entire cake on the face and partying all night long- guys never fail to make the day memorable for their friends. 3. Teasing the hostel Romeo(s) is the birth-right of every other guy in the hostel. Every hostel has corners booked for the people who want to talk to their girlfriends peacefully. These people have allotted priorities, which other guys get habituated with time. Some of these Romeos also provide ‘love advice’ to others in the hostel. 4. Finding the owner of t-shirts, jeans and sandals in the boys’ hostel is more like finding the ways out of the maze. Firstly, boys wearing clothes inside the hostel building is a rare sight. Even if you see them wearing t-shirts mostly, it belongs to somebody else. Whether they have chiselled bodies or not, roaming shirtless is a must inside the buildings. Similarly, some don’t even wash their jeans for days. They take their dirty laundry back home and get them washed. 5. Over-night gatherings is a usual scenario inside every boy’s hostel. Be it exam preparations, watching matches or partying- the hostel boys mostly sleep after sunrise. Staying awake for numerous nights, these boys create lifetime memories. You will never find the senior-junior culture inside the buildings. It is only a matter of days that everyone is your ‘Bhai’. It is one of the experiences that one must have in life.