List of things that got socially accepted, but people find it difficult to cope with in real life.

Social acceptance is not a big thing, but we tend to give unwanted attention in every scenario.

Society has many unwritten rules which control our behaviour in public places. These social norms are different in every culture. Similarly, it keeps on changing with time, and so does people’s perspective towards them. However, we might not accept it with a straight face, but we all have our pet peeves. We cannot accept that every social norm with an open heart. Some of these socially accepted kinds of stuff do annoy us to a great deal.

Here is a list of socially accepted norms that people find difficult to cope with.

1.These days, the paparazzi culture is getting on the nerves of most celebrities. We cannot deny but accept that being a celebrity isn’t everyone’s cup of tea- they need to measure their every step. Most celebs mention how they cannot leave their house without getting surrounded by strangers following them, clicking their pictures, taking videos and even yelling at them. I mean! Even though they are celebrities, we must respect their privacy and not shoot their every move.

2.Do you think “Child Beauty Pageants” should receive encouragement? Childhood is where their tender mind captures everything they hear and see. So, teaching them “Beauty is the ultimate goal” should not receive much appreciation. Instead, we must teach them to respect everybody irrespective of their skin, size and appearance.

3.It is high time to declare “sharing every aspect of life on social media” is overrated. Once there was a time when people would enjoy your posts and videos related to your life. However, the time changed- people appreciate memes and funny videos instead. It is tough to accept, but the dynamics of social media have changed over time. Today, only stalkers and frauds use your social media profile to gather information.

4.It gets annoying when people forget that they are in public places. When in public places, there are few unwritten rules one must follow. One must maintain their pitch while talking on the phone is one of them. Even if you are having a bad day, please remember that not everybody needs to know about it. Similarly, when travelling via public transport, confirm with your fellow passengers before playing music out loud.

5.Societymust put a ban on people who showers you with questions like “When are you getting married?”, “When are you having a baby?”, “Why aren’t you getting settled?”. Today, “having personal space” is an absolute myth. Some people cannot wait to shower you with questions that you aren’t comfortable answering.

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