Lip-smacking dishes of Kerala that you can’t miss

Read on to know what dishes you shouldn’t miss out on in God’s own country….

Kerala is also called as “land of coconuts”. The state’s name itself came from the word “Kera” which means coconut, so no doubt you can smell and taste coconut flavor in most of the delicious food that is available there. The dishes have a wide variety of spices in it, and also some secret behind the taste, which will make your mouth water for sure!

  1. Feast of Kerala - Sadhya is known as the feast of Kerala and it is served as the traditional dish during Onam celebrations in the state. The dish will have about 64 little dishes mainly consisting of vegetables. You will be served the Sadhya in a freshly cut banana leaf with uniformly arranged dishes placed around the rice. This banana leaf helps in bringing out the flavor of Sadhya even more!
  2. Malabar Unnakkaya – This dish basically originates from the northern part of Kerala. The way to make it is by mixing smashed bananas with coconut, cashew nuts and rice flakes and made into an oval shape. It is a snack that you can make during anytime of the day and enjoy with some tea or just simply!
  3. Puttu – This traditional dish of Kerala is prepared by steaming wet rice powder with coconut on top of it. It is made in a cylindrical shaped steamer or in a bamboo. This dish tastes best with kadala or black chickpeas curry. You can even enjoy it with banana and sugar!
  4. Appam – It’s a dish made from coconut milk and fermented rice flour batter. Appam is also one of the favorite morning meals for Malayalis. This almost sweet pancake like dish is enjoyed with kadala curry, vegetable stew. In some parts of the state, people have appam with coconut milk too.
  5. Payasam – The most famous sweet dish popular in the state is none other than payasam. There are more than 24 famous payasam recipes and each has a great taste of its own. Paal payasam, Palada pradhaman, chakka (jackfruit) pradhaman, gothambu (wheat) payasam, these are some of the divine and flavorful Kerala traditional payasams you can’t miss!
  6. Kerala vegetable stew – Stew is considered to be one of the healthiest and also flavourful dishes of the state. Stew is high in nutrients due to the vegetables and the presence of coconut milk and the spices in this mouthwatering curry.