LinkedIn Introduces AI Features to Improve Professional Profiles and Job Descriptions

On Wednesday, LinkedIn revealed the launch of fresh AI capabilities to assist users in enhancing their professional profiles and aiding companies in creating improved job descriptions.


LinkedIn on Wednesday announced new AI features to help users improve their professional profiles and companies write better job descriptions.

LinkedIn has launched an AI-driven feature to provide users with personalized writing recommendations, enabling them to create more effective About and Headline sections for their profiles. The tool identifies key skills and experiences to showcase in those sections while maintaining their unique voice and style. The feature is currently being tested for Premium subscribers and will be gradually released to all Premium subscribers in the upcoming months.

AI Tool Simplifies Job Descriptions

Additionally, LinkedIn has introduced an AI-powered writing tool that simplifies the job description creation process for companies. By providing basic details such as job title and company name, the tool generates a job description for users to review and edit, thereby saving valuable time.

Free AI Courses for Career Advancement by LinkedIn

Furthermore, LinkedIn is rolling out more than 100 AI courses available for all LinkedIn members at no cost until June 15, 2023. These courses cater to individuals of all levels, whether they are experienced professionals or business leaders seeking to stay abreast of the latest advancements. The courses are designed to help learners acquire new skills, improve their productivity, and fast-track their career growth.

LinkedIn’s AI-Powered Features for Collaborative Article Creation

The announcement of these AI-powered features follows LinkedIn’s recent launch of Collaborative Articles, a tool that enables users to generate more content by utilizing conversation starters.

To facilitate article creation, LinkedIn is set to match relevant articles with members based on their skills graph, inviting them to contribute additional information, advice, and context.

The company expects this system to encourage more individuals to share their perspectives, as initiating a conversation can be more challenging than joining one.

LinkedIn- Other Recent Developments

Did you know, according to the professional networking platform’s announcement, LinkedIn has expanded its member base in India by 56% over the last three years, achieving 100 million members as of Feb 8, 2023?


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