Keep your walnuts handy!

Walnuts are extremely beneficial for the human body. Let’s talk about why walnuts are considered to be so healthy and why should you include them in your daily diet.

 It is advised to consume walnuts daily as it is packed with multiple health benefits. Be it your heart health or your blood sugar levels. You must consider including it in your daily diet because it is packed with nutrients and an essential source of omega 3 fatty acids. Its antioxidant properties make walnut a great source to keep your heart healthy. It will also keep your cholesterol level balanced. Walnuts are also packed with vitamins and minerals including folic acid, copper, phosphorus, vitamin B6 and vitamin E. Here are three benefits of eating walnuts every day.

Decreased inflammation

The polyphenols property in walnut can help fight inflammation and stress which is the root cause of many diseases.

Promotes a healthy Gut

What we can eat directly influence our body. It is extremely important to have a healthy gut to maintain a healthy body. Eating Walnuts is a great way to keep your gut health balanced.

Weight management

Walnuts have a very high fibre content hence if you munch a handful of it as snacks, it will keep you fuller. They are very rich in protein and help in healthy weight loss.

Healthy bones

Walnuts are packed with mineral and copper hence it promotes good bone health. Including it in your daily diet will help reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

How should you include walnuts in your daily diet?

  • Top your salads with chopped walnuts
  • Make overnight soaked oats and top them with chopped walnuts
  • You can make granola bars with walnuts and other seeds at home.
  • Use it in your pasta if you like pesto sauce, add a handful before you blend your pesto sauce.
  • Have it with your daily cup of yoghurt
  • Top your french toast or pancakes with walnuts.
  • Add it to your daily fruit platter.

In a nutshell, walnuts are packed with healthy fat, protein and fibre which helps promote hunger satisfaction and fullness. So a handful of walnuts every day will keep you full and you would not end up munching anything unhealthy. Give your crackers, chips and biscuits a ditch and try snacking on a handful of walnuts once a day, you will see how naturally your body will adapt to the healthy changes, your skin will glow and your gut will remain healthy.

Go nuts with walnuts!

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