Jogira Sara Ra Ra movie review: A stale script that’s low on comedy, high on errors

Jogira Sara Ra Ra movie review: Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Neha Sharma deliver good performanes but are failed by a mediocre script.

‘Jogi ka jugaad kabhi fail nahi hota’ - we hear Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s character say this line at several instances in this film. Alas, you only wish he could say the same about the film as well. Despite some decent performances, a story that had potential to be funny and could have worked with a new treatment, Jogira Sara Rara turns out to be yet another monotonous rom-com with zero novelty, and humour so stale that you prefer to yawn instead.

In fact, watching Nawazuddin and Neha Sharma in Jogira Sara Ra Ra felt like a deja-vu: Each time a sequence unfolded, it reminded me of some of the other films that I’ve seen in the past - be it the shaadi scene, a man who has pledged not to marry, wedding planner helping the girl elope, them falling in love and family members finding about all this in the most absurd way possible. Director Kushan Nandy brings nothing new to the table; it’s like bits and pieces picked from here and there and served to us with new actors and a screenplay which somewhat keeps you engaged and makes you laugh but only to turn into a snoozefest the next moment.

A stale plot

Whatever story that exists, it revolves around wedding planner Jogi Pratap (Nawazuddin) who doesn’t believe in getting married not for any other reason but only because he doesn’t want to add another female member in the household of six women -- four sisters, his mother and an aunt. But he gets into a helpless situation when a young street-smart girl, Dimple Chaubey (Neha Sharma) convinces him to help her get out of an arranged marriage with nerd Lallu (Mahaakshay Chakraborty). Families are involved, there are cops that come and go at their own will, and a strange gang connection with Chacha Chaudhry (Sanjay Mishra) leading the pack only to add comic relief and having no connection with the storyline whatsoever. Jogi, along with his friend Manu (Rohit Chaudhary), tries everything in his might to help break Dimple’s arranged marriage -- from provoking the groom’s family to demand for dowry to leaving the groom with a fractured leg and eventually faking a kidnapping -- but all in vain. Things go downhill when real kidnappers join the party and it all goes out of control.

Jogira Sara Ra Ra is a quirky, slice-of-life comedy of errors, but the lazy writing and poor execution never lets it makes a connect. The first half is so dull and boring that you wish it ended at the interval. The second half tries to redeem itself with all the action and humour, but feels too forced and mindless.

At a time when audiences are craving content-driven and well-made films, the dialogues in Jogira Sara Ra Ra come across as so passable. Written by Ghalib Asad Bhopali, the film barely elevates from being a mediocre comedy where you literally have to look for moments to tickle your funny bone.

Actors do their best

Casting Nawaz and Neha as the lead pair is a clever move as they appear to be real and relatable characters, but there’s nothing much to expect from their on-screen chemistry. Nawaz portrays his flawed yet narcissist character with full conviction and never gives a chance to complain. Honestly, an actor of his stature and calibre just gets into the skin of a character effortlessly and brings it alive on screen in his own style. That’s what he does with Jogi. Sad to see when a weak script fails such credible artiste and reduces them to caricaturish roles.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Neha Sharma act and be pretty good at it. She reminded me of Kriti Sanon from Bareilly Ki Barfi - that small town UP girl, brash and confident and not giving in to the norms set by the society. Neha gets enough scope to perform and shine in handful of scenes. Oh, let’s not forget Mahaakshay Chakraborty - for the longest time, I kept thinking of him as some sidekick sort of character or a cameo that’ll just go. But he turns out to be a surprise package and a funny one, indeed. As the oversized and not-so-smart groom-to-be, he looks confident in whatever he does onscreen. Though his character didn’t have much to do other than whatever the script required him to do, it still was one of the more enjoyable characters. Lastly, Sanjay Mishra gets yet another insignificant role, or if I may call it totally unrelated to the story. However, the humour this man brings with his sheer expressions and dialogue delivery is enough to elevate a boring script. Jogira Sara Ra Ra was no different. A lot of mindless banter in the second half triggers some laughs.

We have seen these rooted stories set in heartlands with characters that win you over with their simplicity. So, there’s no newness you see here. Jogira Sara Ra Ra is a fun, family entertainer but don’t pin too many hopes on it for there’s nothing new that you haven’t already watched on the big screen. So, think before you shell out a few bucks to watch it on the big screen.

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