It’s A Lie! When Not To Listen To Your Body

Sure your body can provide you with valuable feedback, but sometimes it just lies!

You should always listen to your body, except for when it is lying. When you are working out or going through changes, it is tough for your body to adapt. Human body hates change and takes time to adapt with those changes. Naturally, as a reflex, it sends you false signals that could push you to stop doing whatever it is that you are doing no matter how healthy it is in the long run. While it is imperative that you listen to what your emotions and your body tells you, sometimes you have to ignore the false alarms. Here are some of the instances when you should not listen to your body!

When Your Body Forces You To Believe That Something Hurts Even If You Are Fine

Sometimes, when you are in pain and you don’t know the source of the pain, it is probably a goot idea to have it checked out from the doctor. However, there are times when we come across a minor injury and the body tells you that it is a big deal even though it not and you end up avoiding the activity you were doing when you got hurt. For example, if you have gone out running and sprained your ankle, you will be in pain for a week. A week later you will be fit to run again. However, this is the point when your body could be sending you signals that you should not run again since you got injured a little while ago from the same activity and you stop doing it entirely!

When Your Body Sees Something As A Threat Because You Are Not Used To It

If you are a beginners at working out, you might be feeling this a lot. Since your body is not accustomed to working out and using up so much energy, it might enter panic mode. Too mush of adrenaline and release of endorphins could make your body feel uncomfortable. Don’t listen to it and keep going!

When Your Body Tells You That You Can’t Do Something

You may have been unable to finish some exercises, but no matter how much your body tells you that you cannot do it, some day you may surprise yourself doing fifty push-ups or the perfect squats that you’ve been struggling with.


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