Is This Pep's Best Team Ever? Here's the Verdict of Former Legends

In the last 10 years, Manchester City has won the Premier League in six seasons. The rest were lifted by Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Leicester City. While Leicester was an underdog, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester United were and are not. However, the brilliant bald mind of manager Pep Guardiola and the monetary power of Manchester City have helped the team dominate the Premier League.

Although we certainly do not like to compare any manager to Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester City’s dominance does remind us of Manchester United’s days under the leadership of Sir Alex. Together, from 1993 until 2013, Sir Alex’s United won 13 Premier League titles.

However, there’s one trophy that has remained away from Pep’s City, i.e., the Champions League. This season, it seems Pep will finally win the Champions League trophy with this squad, which has been deemed Pep’s best ever. Not to forget, the team also has the chance to win a treble if it defeats Manchester United in the FA Cup next month.

Legends’ verdicts

Speaking about Pep’s current team, former Manchester City defender Micah Richards told Sky Sports, "Guardiola has made this the best Manchester City team ever. It is outstanding. Pep is always one step ahead. His first season, he came third, then he evolved how they wanted to play. He always makes something different, and that's what sets him apart. It is extraordinary. Everyone said Pep couldn't bring the Barcelona style to the Premier League. He has made everyone look stupid. He is a genius," as quoted by BBC Sport.

Even former Manchester United legend Roy Keane praised Pep’s outfit by saying, "You never get sick of winning. Titles are not easy. They make it look easy, but they have the hunger and desire to keep winning. I think he is a huge difference maker, he is the man you want in charge."

Rooting for the treble

Last but not least, Liverpool’s former player Jamie Redknapp is rooting for Pep’s team to win the treble, adding, "It would be a major disappointment if the Treble doesn't happen now. Anything can happen, but I can't see anything other than a Treble."

Here’s our favourite Pep Guardiola Manchester City line-up from the present squad.