Is Sparkling Water The Right Option For Your Health?

Enjoy drinking sparkled water? Let us read the benefits and myths about it.

Walking into your restaurant, the first choice you have to make is between regular and sparkling water. As beginners introduced to this, you will want to experiment with it. But what is sparkling water anyway, and how did the carbonated water drink become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Talking about the benefits of a healthier alternative to soda, all carbonated drinks are created equal. Some have a higher concentration of sugar and calories and might threat teeth building and trigger health conditions.

Can Sparkling Water Help To Lose Weight?

For people watching their weight, getting hydrated is the key. Sparkling water provides proper hydration and is a better option than drinking regular or diet soda. A not fully hydrated person tends to consume more solid food to make up for the water need. People who intend to lose unhealthy fat can take the aid of carbonated water. It is about a third of regular soda sugar content and is good enough for people starting off with weight loss.

Does Carbonated Water Trigger the “Hunger Hormone” Ghrelin?

It probably doesn’t. Little research conducted on animals stated an increase in the hormone after consuming carbonated water. There is a need to perform more studies to note that for sure. Some say it creates a feeling of fullness, and it could benefit people who are constantly feeling hungry. It improves digestion and empties the stomach quicker than usual.

Is It A Good Substitute For People Trying To Get Rid Of Soda Habit-?

Absolutely! Sparkling water hydrates better than soda. As long as you don’t consume extra sugar, you can keep your weight gain and teeth problem at bay.

Always keep a check on the labels for zero calories and sugar. Any drink that has a higher quantity of sucrose, fructose and corn syrup is not recommended. If each carbonated water has up to 200-100 mg of sodium, it can have carbonic acid and create carbonation that shouldn’t have a detrimental effect. Even though it is a bit acidic, it does not hit the dental enamel too bad.

Does It Cause Gas And Bloating-

There has to be a balance between how much water you consume to avoid gastric problems. Even though people who drink carbonated water only have reported better digestion, excessive intake can increase bloating.