Interrupting your child watching a TV show could be dangerous parenting

Children’s TV shows are important. They go as neglected as anything that we do to divert our kids. Often, we switch on the TV and sit ours kids with a children’s TV show not to let them watch the shows, but to make them occupied, so adults could get a little window to finish their adult chores, or to get the kids eat their food without any fuss, as they are glued to the TV screen. Once our objective is fulfilled, we often go ahead and switch off the TV, ignoring their protest and being oblivious to whether the show has ended or not. If it was some adult, we would never venture to do so. Not only is this outright rude, this also fails to be an example of good parenting. In fact, this may be dangerous for the moral of our kids. Normally, the kids’ shows in the TV are short and have a moral lesson at the end of the story. However, many times, the story runs with a twist in the initial stage. There is a show, called “Baby Muppets”, where the main character Gonzo, becomes obsessed with racing and winning. He arranges a race with all his friends and is determined to win by hook or crook. However, at the last minute, he is struck by a conscience and goes back to his friends to help them. Similarly, for the other children’s stories also, at first, the protagonist is somewhat weak in character and when faced some moral test, fails miserably. However, they do not enjoy their initial success, as it fills them with emptiness. Finally, they try to correct their mistake and follow an honest path. The moral of the story is that, how much we try to win; we should not lose sight of the big picture and should not deviate from the right path. Thus, when we turn the TV off, the story remains unfinished. The initial portion of the story, where the protagonist justifies the means to achieve the end is fixated on the young minds and they think that it is alright to take any means to win. This may also lead the youngsters to a path of villainy, as they watch that part of the program where the protagonist feels that any path is justified for winning. They do not watch that part where the moral of the story lies which tells us that it is not more important to win than to win following a justified pathway. So, next time you want to switch off the TV running a children’s program, make sure that it has ended.