Interesting facts about comfort food ‘Daal Chawal’

There is a lot more to a bowl of dal chawal than just taste

Daal as in lentil, chawal as in rice is a lethal combination for comfort food. It is the most basic and raw form of comfort food inevitably found in an Indian household. This is also the easiest and simplest meal to be cooked. A few whistles in the pressure cooker with turmeric and water, ending with a tadka of ghee, cumin and chilies served with rice completes hunger.

And apart from its comfort value and value for meal, daal chawal has many health benefits that we remain unaware of. So here is a list of things that we forget when relishing it.

High fiber The combination of rice and dal is high in fiber and antioxidants along with vitamins A, D, E, and K. the consumption of this helps not only helps improve metabolism, it aids digestion, reduces inflammation in the body and helps build immunity. Dal contains body essential proteins, vitamins, iron, calcium, carbs, and fiber

Promotes weight loss Various health expertshaveand continue to advocate this combination not only for its nutrient values but for the simple fact that it highly aids in weight loss. It is the safest option when it comes to losing weight that is because if you eat dal chawal every day for dinner or at least four times a week, you will acquire better digestion and you will also be high on energy throughout the day.

But remember to eat your dinner no later than eight pm or at least two hours before you sleep in order to attain weightloss. At the same time, keep in mind the portion of your rice and daal in mind while helping yourself to a plate full.

The nutrient value of rice As opposed to the myth, rice is a gut-friendly, protein-rich, and low-carb food item that increases the satiation level of your body. Rice also contains phytonutrients and vitamins that are essential for a healthy body. Busting another myth here, rice contains lesser carb than chappati and is much easier to digest.

According to a statement released by the medical journal The Lancet, people should include ‘rice with a side of lentils’ in their meals in order to save the world as it could get climate change under control and prevent premature deaths occurring due to starvation.

So we Indians need to understand the value of our traditional comfort food and its nutritional value. Not only will we be helping the global starvation crisis but help our health in turn.