Indoor Decor Ideas to Beat the Heat

This summer, turn inwards even on the worst summer days to find the inner calm and cool you were hoping 

Summer can be worse with its dull afternoons, crowded parks, dead appetite and sunburns. Well, to soothe your mind, here is a miscellany of five simple room décor ideas. The list also will save you from spending thousands on refrigerated drinks, AC, coolers and electric fans. 


Change the drapes: Adorn the windows with sheer curtains in lighter shades for the summers. Sheer curtains block out the UV rays and circulate a cool breeze inside the rooms. Pastel hues are fabulous to let in some natural light and lend a welcoming, warm feeling to the room. Choosing light-coloured drapes also reduces the necessity to turn on electric lights that mercilessly surge up indoor temperatures. Besides, even if these curtains are constantly exposed to scorching sunrays, you will never have to worry about colour fading.  


Shop Indoor Plants: Aloe Vera, Areca Palm Tree, Ficus and Fern plants help in cooling down the room and ever so naturally! By removing formaldehyde from the air, the plants help you relax as the temperatures soar crazy outside. Plants, by releasing the excess water from their leaves into the room, tone down the heat and clean the toxins from the surrounding air.


Freeze the Bedsheets: Faring badly in the heatwaves? Try shelving the bedsheets wrapped in a plastic bag in the freezer. Let them cool for a few minutes before re-arranging them on the bed. Embrace yourself for a cool, snug bedding for the night.


Go Cotton-y: Haunt down the polyester, skill and fancy satin clothes from every nook and cranny of your home, and replace them with colourful cotton clothes. Light in material, cotton maintains a cool and comfortable temperature than other fabric qualities and prevents prickly sensations on skin. Cotton is a breathable fibre and absorbs uncomfortable moisture from the body in humid, summer afternoons. Cotton covers are a remedy to skin allergies and rashes that are often triggered during summer or by other fabrics. 


Serene Visuals: Summer décor is synonymous with revelling in colours. Try macramé and handmade accessories preferably in earth/natural colours. To relish in a chillax, summer softness, replace the frames and tacky art pieces with woven wall hangings. For the post-work hours, light a scented candle, in citrusy and tropical scents, to set the mood. Pick a couple of floor cushions and redesign the seating area for casual lounging, close to the cool, assuring ground. 

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