Imran Khan, His Wife, and Several Party Leaders Added to Pakistan's No-Fly List

This step follows rising rumours that the PTI may be banned in the aftermath of the latest assaults on military sites by some of its followers. 

According to sources, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) political party's members, Imran Khan, the previous chief minister of Pakistan, his wife Bushra Bibi, and about 80 other individuals, have been added to a no-fly list.

Reason behind this ban

The news arises amid rumours that his party of choice may be banned in response to his supporters' attacks on military sites. Imran Khan told the Pakistani people in a speech on Wednesday that his political group is the target of huge persecution.

Imran Khan said on Twitter on Thursday, May 25, that the Pakistani government was attempting to bring down the party.

Detailed statement by Imran Khan

"Last year, on the 25th of May commenced our descent into fascism. While three long marches by PDM during the 3.5 years of the PTI govt were allowed without any hindrance, we faced the full force of state terror.

Houses were broken in the middle of the night, and PTI office bearers and workers were kidnapped. And then whoever got to Islamabad faced tear gas, rubber bullets, and police brutality. Some of us thought it was a one-off, but that was just the beginning. Today, the largest and only federal party is facing the full fury of state power without any accountability.

Over 10,000 PTI workers and supporters are in jail, including senior leadership and some facing custodial torture. On the pretext of arson on May 9 (condemned by the entire PTI leadership), the state is trying to dismantle the party, including "forced divorces" and trying PTI members in military courts. Those in PDM and the journalist community who are cheerleaders for this yazeediyat should know that this is not dismantling PTI but our democracy, i.e., our freedom.

However, this attempt to enslave us will fail as we have a politically aware young population that, despite the media being muzzled, gets its information from social media," he tweeted.

Recent situation in Pakistan 

After Khan was taken into custody by armed commandos on May 9, violent protests broke out. PTI followers' extensive use of brute force earlier this month has put Imran Khan under fire. The mob stormed several military facilities, including the Army's main office in Rawalpindi. Police report that 10 people have died in violent altercations.