Hungry raccoon patiently waits outside donut shop as a lady brings it food. Watch

A video of a raccoon standing outside a donut shop and waiting for someone to give it food has gone viral on social media. Watch the video inside.

Whenever hunger strikes, we quickly go grab a bite, order some food, or go to a cafe. And it seems like this raccoon did the same. In a video that has grabbed the attention of many people, you can see a raccoon standing outside a donut shop, waiting for the person to hand him a piece.

"Raccoon wants a donut too," wrote the Twitter page Buitengebieden. In the clip they shared, a woman seems to be recording a raccoon from inside the car. You can see the animal approaching a donut shop. Then it patiently waits for a person to give it a donut. When it gets the donut, it adorable grabs it and leaves.

Watch the video below:

This post was shared just a few hours ago. Since being posted, it has been viewed over one million times, and the numbers are still increasing. Several people have also shared comments on the post.

Check out some reactions here:

An individual wrote, "Dude, I can relate." A second added, "Okay, whoever took this deserves some major points for cinematography/direction. The camera work was on point!" A third shared, "He must have a store credit cuz I didn't see him pay." "OMG, SO cute. They come in my garden, and I feed them Dry cat food and unsalted peanuts," expressed a fourth.

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