How to use social media to one’s positive advantage

Among the various other things one does on social media, try doing the positive The advent of the Internet was the beginning of building a web that attracted an entire generation, leaving them helpless. The aim of bringing the entire world to one's doorstep and connecting people from overseas spiralled into something that started to affect mental health. Over the years, the Internet saw its branch spreading into forming social media that comprises platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, and Pinterest, among various others. However, the inflow of content released on these social media platforms to the participation of celebrities and the growing numbers of the so-called 'social media influencers' has spoiled the consumers. And the growing effect of it on mental health has become another topic of discussion. As a result of which it is better to use social media to one's positive advantage. Here are some ways and tricks for you to use social media positively. Use it to connect with people and loved ones. From families, relatives to friends living in far-off places or across the globe, the Internet is the best way of maintaining touch with them. The use of your various accounts across social media channels can be brought into use to be in touch with your loved ones. While the basic hi and hello are okay things, it is also great to reach out and involve them in social media activities. This is a great way of keeping in touch and, at the same time is promoting healthy conversations and comradeship. This is any day better than counting the likes and shares on one's posting on social media. Share inspiring stories rather than daily life updates. Well, if you are out there using social media t your pastime advantage. There is another way of looking at making its full use by sharing wonderful life experiences that are encouraging. Write and share inspiring stories or posts for you and give out hope to others too out there. Important is to follow stories that make you feel confident and positive about your life, not make you begrudge your life. One step towards it will be unfollowing any negative content that gives you a trembling feeling in your gut, makes you anxious or insecure. Built a community and maintain a balance When on social media involving friends, family and strangers, build a community that is only there to spread positivity and encouragement. With that community, create content that leaves a constructive and helpful impact, words and animation, and activities that aim only at the progress and productive outcomes.