How to take good care of your natural eyelashes

Not many know but taking care of eyelashes is extremely important! For people who wear fake lashes quite often or even do make up regularly, talking care of your natural eyelashes is very important! Eyelashes play a very important part in protecting your eyes. They protect the eyes from dust, sand, and debris. Not only that they also help your eye makeup look much better! However the way you take care of your skin, and eyes, eyelashes too need some love. While there are several products in the market claiming to be good for your eyelashes, only very few work. Let us tell you below to take care of your gorgeous eyelashes… Choose your make up products wisely – You need to choose mascara which is not just natural but also chemicals free. Specially for people who use mascara every day, it is essential to use something that is moisturizing and also keeps your lashes healthy. Treat your lashes as you would treat your hair and try to choose natural and organic mascaras. Avoid mascara that contains Ethel alcohol because it’s very drying. Clean your lashes properly – Even if you choose completely chemical free mascara, it is very important to always make sure you remember to wash them every day and keep them squeaky clean! Any amount of mascara left on your lashes overnight can create a lot of damage! And always remember not to be too violent while cleaning your eyes and lashes. Take your time and make sure you’re using a gentle cleanser. Oil them up nicely – Castor oil is often considered great for hair and lashes. This is so because it not only provides hydration but also induces new hair growth. Using castor oil ensures that you’ll have healthy and also thick lashes! If used religiously then forget about those fake lashes! You’ll never need them anymore for sure. Apart from castor oil, even coconut can be used as it does wonders to provide hydration and promotes growth. Ditch those fake lashes – This is also something you could try out if you feel your lashes are drying out too much and looking dead. The lash glue that is used to stick on the fake eyelashes cause a lot of harm to the eye skin as well as your lashes. So it is best to go all natural and forget about fake lashes altogether!